Enjoy Your Experience Of University Life In Plymouth In The Comfort And Safety Of A Family-Run Home From Home

There is a vast amount of choice for students looking for accommodation in Plymouth. Most student accommodation is found in shared houses and halls of residence near the University and Colleges so, more than ever, today’s students not only have very high expectations about the quality of their housing, they also require the reassurance that the home they choose will be well-run by a landlord who will be responsive to their needs.

From expensive student apartments offering onsite facilities such as a gym to a small shared flat, location is as important as cost in choosing the perfect home. Coping with student life can be stressful so to live comfortably and enjoy an amazing experience while studying at university you must choose student accommodation that fulfils all your requirements. Here are a few “must-haves” to look for, over and above the basic amenities.

High-speed Internet Connection

In the ever-evolving digital world, having high-speed Wi-Fi is a necessity which we now take for granted to fulfil the demands of our degree courses and keep in touch with friends and family. Having a basic internet connection at your home is no longer sufficient, you should expect a fast, unlimited connection with a good download/upload speed for seamless live streaming.

All-inclusive Rent

Financing your stay at university without the additional problem of budgeting for utility bills is a high priority for most students. You should always look for student accommodation which has an all-inclusive rent and a fixed monthly or termly amount for the duration of the lease, so you are not worried about extra bills or unexpected rises in the cost of rent.

Personal Bathroom

Gone are the days when students were prepared to queue to use a shared shower and toilet and put up with the unhygienic habits of their fellow housemates. Having a private bathroom is no longer a luxury and many houses offering student accommodation now provide en-suite shower rooms at reasonable prices.

All the above requirements are crucial to having a good university experience and there are many other small details to look for before renting your student accommodation. At Furzehill Student Accommodation our aim is to provide you with much more than you expect. Visit our houses in Plymouth and we will do our best to give you the experience of staying at home away from home or even better!

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